2018/19 WFB campaign game one

Mark (Wood Elves) vs Greg (Dark Elves)

Mission: Invade and defend (Mission 1)

Greg special mission: A. Take the Field (unsuccessful)

Mark special mission: C. Operation Anaconda (successful)

Result: Mark win

Points: TBC (I will let Mark work that out!)


Long before the events of the End Times, the Sorceress learned her trade in the Convent of Sorceresses in Ghrond. She hadn’t yet reached her full potential, and so was assigned a mentor to guide and nurture her. In order to gain valuable experience the pair were sent out to assist some Druchii forces waging a war. The Commander in charge was naturally delighted at receiving such powerful reinforcements, and wasted no time in explaining the battle plan and orders in great detail. The Sorceress’s on the other hand had other ideas…


Looking back through my notes I realised this was only my second game of fantasy in 2018, the first coming way back on 7th January!

Having not played for so long I was very rusty, although things did start to come back to me during the game and overall we played at a reasonable pace, with only a few breaks to check some of the more obscure rules. Despite some excellent dice rolling (my Sorceress on manticore didn’t take a single wound and must have made at least 6 saves of her 5+ ward save, and I think I had 3 magic phases with 12 dice!) my tactical play was rather woeful and Mark took out a very solid win. The deployment phase left most of my force on the right flank, with the Wood Elves largely diagonally opposite. This meant my slow moving heavy hitting combat units (Witch Elves and Hydra) just couldn’t get into combat and were eventually whittled away with shooting. The Cold Ones also had a game to forget, failing their stupidity roll at least twice.

I wanted to give Dark Magic a try, and it was very fun trying to cast Doombolt 3 or 4 times per turn! The lore attribute it also very handy, causing additional S1 hits. Unfortunately there wasn’t much combat so I didn’t get to use the hex spells. I did cast Black Horror on the final turn, although it was quite a long way away so didn’t cause too much damage.

I must have miscast at least 2 or 3 times during the game without suffering any real consequences. Mark on the other hand was very unlucky, miscasting on a Soul Quench (which killed a single Warlock but did at least destroy the unit), then proceeding to roll up Dimensional Cascade which killed about 10 Glade Guard and sucked his Wizard into the Warp! The unit then panicked, meaning they wasted a turn of shooting.

Overall it was a great game, and really reinforced what a great game 8th edition Warhammer is.


The Druchii commander screamed at his troops but they refused to listen, instead forming up as a bodyguard around the two Sorceresses. Some reinforcements they had turned out to be…his army had been torn apart, failing to comply with his orders, while the two Witches just charged forward and poured magic missiles into the enemy. They literally cared nothing for the battle or his army, it was almost as if they were on some kind of training mission. The one on the Manticore would often look over at the one on the Dark Steed as if for guidance. Most odd.

Eventually it seemed like they had had enough for one day, and without warning the two of them trotted off back to camp, busily chatting away without a care in the world, actually looking pleased with themselves. The Commander wearily called the retreat as he ducked beneath another unerringly accurate arrow.


The Asari loaded up on the flank


The Shades took up a scouting position in the centre

The Druchii advance around the central building

The Waywatchers take aim.

Dimensional cascade!


The pitiful Druchii survivors
The Asari survivors

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